Open Source Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Anyone is welcome to contribute in a positive way to our open-source repositories.

As we develop our own guidelines, please refer to the following as references on how we expect contributors and maintainers to conduct themselves:

Keep in mind every commit message, comment, and issue are both public and linked to the Widen brand.

Project Guidelines

See for boilerplate for starting an effective open-source project.

What can I release as open-source?

Your project shall not contain any proprietary information related to the core business functionality of Widen.

  • Examples of good things to open source:
    • Utilities
    • Integrations with our APIs
    • Code samples
    • Style guides

If you have any questions, please reach out to your manager or the Developer Relations Committee for guidance.


Widen recommends the ISC. MIT and Apache are also viable. Talk with the Widen Developer Relations Committee if you have any questions.


Projects should not depend on internal Widen infrastructure. Making something that interacts with our public APIs and sites is fine, but a project that launches EC2 instances in our cloud is not.


No secrets in code or commit messages. This includes commits from the past – it might be worth erasing the entire commit history, or using an automated tool to scrub past commits.