A Tale of Performance - JavaScript, Rust, and WebAssembly

    Embark on a journey of optimization with me, learning in great detail about Rust, WebAssembly, and lots more along the way. We will compare and contrast multiple approaches to solving a performance problem, from native browser APIs to both naive and complex Rust and WebAssembly implementations.

    • Tyler Wilcock

    AWS CloudFront User Authentication using Lambda@Edge

    We want to protect private S3 content distributed by Amazon's CloudFront service, but we don't want to run a proxy server to authenticate requests. We explain the development process of creating a dynamic Lambda function that authenticates viewer requests utilizing the AWS CloudFront feature, Lambda@Edge.

    • Payton Garland

    Maker Day 2017

    On August 10, 2017, Widen held its inaugural Maker Day team building exercise for the Development team to partake in an adventure building physical hardware components for a day.

    • Ben Dotte

    The Future of Web Development (Part 2): Full-Stack Automated JavaScript Testing

    In my last article, I showed you how to develop a full-stack JavaScript web application using some pretty interesting and futuristic libraries and web specifications. In this follow-up, I'm going to demonstrate how you can write server-side and client-side unit and integration/Selenium tests for that app entirely in JavaScript.

    • Ray Nicholus

    The Future of Web Development - React, Falcor, and ES6

    The future of web application development looks a bit different than what we are all used to. I'll show you how to build a simple full-stack JavaScript app using Node.js on the backend, React on the frontend, Webpack for client-side module support, and Netflix's Falcor as an efficient and intuitive...

    • Ray Nicholus

    Tomcat Hates Encoded Slashes

    After sending a GET request containing escaped slashes to our Tomcat-hosted endpoint, we expect to receive a 2xx response. But instead, our server responds with a 404. What happened?

    • Ray Nicholus